Spring is Coming!!

3 Tips for a Beautiful Healthy Lawn

1. Start up of your Irrigation System - Introduce water
to complete piping system. Check valves for proper
and complete function. i.e. opening and closing
completely - Supply and Header piping is water tight.

2. Energize controller. Consider replacing outdated or
defective controller to take advantage of new
technologies which allow for rain sensing and wifi
adjustment to eliminate unnecessary watering.

3. Activate each zone. Ensure each head/nozzle have
full flow and screens are not blocked. Also standing
straight to ensure efficient and maximum coverage.
Heads that are blocked by bushes etc may
need to be relocated or obstructions trimmed.

Here at
Red Deer Irrigation Residential
we are making
Central Alberta greener
1 Yard at a Time.

If you would like your
Yard greener please
give us a call and
we will come up with
a solution together. 


Saving $$
and Water:

Set controller for optimum
and consistent watering
times to suit different
landscapes i.e. Lawns in
full sun,flower beds and
shaded areas.


A point to remember is:
The greater height you keep the grass trimmed at so as to cover the roots
the less water you will need to keep it green and healthy.


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